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Come, Experience The Montessori Magic – Happy Glowing Self Engaged Preschool Children – Visiting Hours 9.00 AM – 1.30 PM, Monday – Friday, Prior Appointment Needed. Getting child along is Compulsory. You and your Child will experience a running class, interact with our enrolled play school children and existing parent patrons. We will explain our play school Concept and Methodology of Execution in detail, and answer all queries you have. Look forward to seeing You. After first visit with appointment, you’re welcome to two days of free trial; simple walk in with child, no appointment needed. Be part of a running class – an experience no other preschool/school offers. 

Best Montessori Preschool


9.00 AM – 2.00 PM, Monday – Friday, Come Anytime, Go Anytime (No fixed timings for children, it’s stressful for a play school child to get ready at a fixed time everyday). Eat Anytime, Play All Times; Learning Becomes Fun. Parents allowed inside preschools at all times (Highest Transparency). Zero Stress Homely Fun Preschools, Fun Leads to Optimal Development, and Optimal is much, Much higher than schools are even attempting at achieving.

Happy Playful Self Engaged Children. 

Best Montessori Preschool

Unimaginable Reading & Maths Skills

Each and Every Productive Minds Child passes out reading fluently beyond imagination and doing multiplication tables beyond 10. On completing KG with us children are comfortably beyond levels reached in Grade 3 in formal schools. This is simply the result of our simple preschool program implementation and facility design, leading to stress free inquisitive highly motivated actively developing play school Children. We have a deeply satisfied family of alumni Parent Patrons. Blessed!

Lifelong Value Addition

Each and Every Productive Minds Montessori Preschools Alumni (since 2014) is topper in formal schools. Productive Minds is proud of having added tremendous long term value by making Optimal Development of every preschool child Feasible and have Extremely Delighted alumni Parent Patrons. Providing Developed World Early Childhood Education Experience is costly. Space Matters! And Space is Very Costly in Gurgaon (our rents are huge). We hope over time to have economy of scale to benefit larger numbers of play school age children.

Your Child will be Studying for the next 25 years, being a Topper will add Tremendous ease and Value to Life.

Delighted Parents

We provide a nurturing and immersive Montessori play school experience that fosters optimal development for toddlers and gives parents peace of mind.

Best Play School