Pure Montessori Preschools

Productive Minds are the only Actual Montessori Preschools in Gurgaon. Montessori is Essentially about Freedom of Exploration and Self Engaged Discovery. Being confined to a small room following a timetable is the Exact Opposite of Montessori. 

Our Mission at the time of launching Productive Minds in 2014 was to provide a nurturing and stimulating play school environment for toddlers to develop their social, physical, emotional, communication and cognitive skills. Play school children need space, lots of it, the liberty to explore this space and a mixed age setting while exploring, to learn from and enjoy with. Aligning Early Childhood Education with The Nature of Childhood is the Unique Achievement of Productive Minds; Children are Children, not miniature adults; Childhood is Supposed to be fun, it Needs to be Fun – Productive Minds makes sure It Is Fun. Zero Stress play school environment unleashes the human potential and raises the learning curve exponentially. Over the years we have been witness to Superlative Achievements by our preschool Children, and they (now our Alumni) continue to Excel in Formal Schools, Leading their Cohort. 

Montessori Preschool Child

What is Montessori

Montessori is a word that has commonly come to be associated with the education of very young children. It is very hard to define a good Montessori play school. However a play school with full implementation of Montessori principles will have the following:

  • Mixed age preschool classroom
  • A full range of Montessori materials on shelves within easy reach of the children
  • Free access to the materials at all times based on the choice of the children
  • No Timetable for the day
  • Montessori trained teachers
Happy Mixed Age Montessori Preschool Children

Is Montessori Superior

Benefits of Montessori Preschool Education – 
On several dimensions, children at a public inner city Montessori preschool had superior outcomes relative to a sample of Montessori applicants who, because of a random lottery, attended other preschools. By the end of kindergarten, the Montessori children performed better on standardized tests of reading and math, engaged in more positive interaction on the playground, and showed more advanced social cognition and executive control. They also showed more concern for fairness and justice. At the end of elementary school, Montessori children wrote more creative essays with more complex sentence structures, selected more positive responses to social dilemmas, and reported feeling more of a sense of community at their school.

Montessori Preschools are Far Superior to Progressive Playway Preschools.

Montessori Preschools in Gurgaon

It’s sad to see all preschools/schools claiming to be Montessori, thereby misleading Parents who do not have the time and resources to see through their undeserved claim of being Montessori. 

AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) is the highest worldwide governing body of the Montessori method and IMF (Indian Montessori Foundation) is it’s sole Montessori body in India. Luckily, IMF lists Montessori preschools by city on their website. 

As seen on AMI (IMF) website, Productive Minds Preschools are the only Actual Montessori Preschools in Gurgaon.

Unimaginable Reading & Maths Skills

Each and Every Productive Minds Preschool Child passes out reading fluently beyond imagination and doing multiplication tables beyond 10. On completing KG with us children are comfortably beyond levels reached in Grade 3 in formal schools. This is simply the result of our simple play school program implementation and facility design, leading to stress free inquisitive highly motivated actively developing preschool Children. We have a deeply satisfied family of alumni Parent Patrons. Blessed!

Lifelong Value Addition

Each and Every Alumni (since 2014) of Productive Minds is topper in formal schools. Productive Minds is proud of having added tremendous long term value by making Optimal Development of every play school child Feasible and have Extremely Delighted alumni Parent Patrons. Providing Developed World Early Childhood Education Experience is costly. Space Matters! And Space is Very Costly in Gurgaon (our rents are huge). We hope over time to have economy of scale to benefit larger numbers of play school age children.

Your Child will be Studying for the next 25 years, being a Topper will add Tremendous ease and Value to Life.