Beautiful Campuses

Schedule a visit, get your child along, to experience the best Montessori Play Schools in Gurgaon. We believe in a hands-on approach to learning and encourage play school children to use their creativity and imagination. At our Play Schools, we create a positive and welcoming atmosphere where children feel comfortable and confident to learn and play. Both Preschool Campuses have exactly identical beautiful home like building (enveloped by kids scooter/cycling track) and huge grounds. The play school grounds are sensorially immersive with colorfully inviting outdoor toys, water fountain, grass slopes to climb, flower beds, fruiting trees and vegetable garden. Sensorial Immersion in Liberty is the gold standard for Development of Preschool Children. Only Productive Minds Play Schools offer this. 

Huge Grounds Montessori Preschool
Montessori Play School

Unimaginable Reading & Maths Skills

Each and Every Productive Minds Child passes out reading fluently beyond imagination and doing multiplication tables beyond 10. On completing KG with us children are comfortably beyond levels reached in Grade 3 in formal schools. This is simply the result of our simple preschool program implementation and facility design, leading to stress free inquisitive highly motivated actively developing play school Children. We have a deeply satisfied family of alumni Parent Patrons. Blessed!

Lifelong Value Addition

Each and Every Productive Minds Preschools Alumni (since 2014) is topper in formal schools. Productive Minds is proud of having added tremendous long term value by making Optimal Development of every play school child Feasible and have Extremely Delighted alumni Parent Patrons. Providing Developed World Early Childhood Education Experience is costly. Space Matters! And Space is Very Costly in Gurgaon (our rents are huge). We hope over time to have economy of scale to benefit larger numbers of play school age children.

Your Child will be Studying for the next 25 years, being a Topper will add Tremendous ease and Value to Life.